Hood Gemini is a qualified Intuitive High Priestess & Psychic spiritual medium who gives precise psychic readings through a range of mediums. She is a certified consultant who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients life coaching, encouraging them to move into a positive direction and face the challenges that may lay ahead for them.

When you receive your schedule psychic reading with Nychelle also known as Hood Gemini, you will receive a detailed accurate reading that covers the aspect of your life focusing on relationships, love, guidance for future, goals & career, money abundance and developing your own intuition abilities

Her charming yet witty & clever eclectic character will leave you laughing and enlightened. She provides a variety enchanted candles & organic cologne cleansing soaps brings spiritual blessings & balance to your path.

Dreams can leave you confused and leave you to think that it’s normal, subliminal messages sought to you in dream REM or clues that push you into making the right decisions to live a more harmonious life. Hood Gemini offers dream interpretation that unlocking your subconscious. Analyzing your vision in detail she will give you the answer to your many questions

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She definitely helped me out exactly the way I needed. Thank you for everything.

Deeaira about listing Email Psychic Reading 9 days ago.

Accurate as always. Very gifted

Amanda about listing Email Psychic Reading 15 days ago.

Hood Gemini was genuine, she laid everything out in my life and told like it is. It gave me the answers and reassurance i needed to move forward in my life because i know good things are coming.

Emily about listing Twin Flame Reading 15 days ago.