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Merry Meet.. It is a pleasure to be here— If we have not yet crossed paths I would like to formally introduce myself. I do not share my personal business and relationship with anyone I keep personal/professional/divine energy separate so my mojo continually flows in the highest concentration for intent. In the Magick community I am known as; Mags The Mage. You may call me Mags, and the pleasure is all mine! I am an inherited generational Magick Practioner, Natural Born Healer, A Student If Alchemy, and Divination Worker. My purpose on this Earth is to be a vessel for the Divine Source so I may channel Direct Message, Service Aide and Healing that is our given rite from The Loving Source that our souls need while residing on this plane. I was honored and blessed with my awakening at a young age which led me to the path towards seeking high and sacred knowledge and obtaining highly trained experience. My soul, power, strength, and flowing love and balance continues to evolve. My incredibly high intuition is my humbly kept and maintained gift from divine to be used to contribute to the magickal web weaving that gives me the power to perform sacred rites and rituals. I have dedicated my life to my gracious divinely intervened purpose. I walk in balance on the divine path toward reaching the highest attainment of knowledge, and understanding the direct divine energy. So Mote it be! -Mags

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