Intention Oil

This oil is for manifestation spells or intention candles. You can use this oil for: love, money, protection or whatever you are wanting to bring into your reality. Make sure to set clear intentions of what you are wanting the universe and spirit guides to come into with loving and high vibration energy and power up your desires or manifestation to the best highest good possible. Basically, this oil will give you magic to your prayers or wishes. Make sure to believe and ask with your intentions clearly.

How to use this oil:
Grab a candle(color of your choice) and then take the manifestation or love oil and apply it to the candle. Either the top or rub all of your candle depending on what type of candle you are using. Get a piece of paper(of your choice) and then write down your intentions/manifestation on the paper. After you’ve written your intentions or desires on the petition/paper you can either place the paper under your candle or you can burn the paper and then sprinkle the ashes on the candle. Light the candle and let it burn entirely. After the candle is done burning either, throw them out in nature or burry it or even throw it in water.

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