Information about Market Of Gypsies


Market of Gypsies 

This is a place to purchase, rent, share goods and services with the other members of the Spiritual Community.

This Spiritual Swap Meet provides all the novelty products, tools and services all the curios you need to help you along your path. 

With market of Gypsies you can easily create your own marketplace website in minutes. Connect with other like-minded souls. 

A Private, Judgement Free Community - Connect with Your Tribe 


Grand Opening 6/1/2019 giving you plenty time to load your pictures and descriptions of goods and services, get familiar with the site and invite all your friends to join and sell or buy.  
Be on the lookout for instructional videos and well as tips & tricks via email.

50 Gold - $13  and %5  Transaction Fee For All Sales/Appointments Made

All rates based on 1 year contract; no refunds or cancellations. 

By building a profile you are agreeing to terms and conditions thereof. 

Scholarships Available  Send Email for More Info 

Rates subject to change, 2 weeks notice will be provided