Oracle Consultations and Ancestral Readings

Da Black Oracle Consultations
22mins: $33.33
33mins: $44.44
66mins: $77.77
99mins: $111.11

No Time Limit/ Intuitive Consultation: sliding scale of $22-$222 depending on amount of time in consultation

Ancestral Readings
44mins: $55.55
88mins: $99.99
122mins: $199.99

No Time Limit/ Intuitive Reading: Sliding Scale of $44-444 depending on amount of time in reading

Ancestral readings, DaBlackOracle’s speciality, cover topics dealing with ancestral power, guidance, and generational curses and/or inheritance. These readings are specific to the Flower’s bloodline These readings also use several tools such as crystal work and chakra work, elevating the vibrations and space in which we work.

Consultations with Leilani, Da Black Oracle will cover any and everything that the Flower in question has in mind to talk about! Consultations can include the use of divination tools such as tarot and crystals but ultimately is about advisement in how my flowers can continue to walk in the path most resonant with their soul

I also accept food, gifts, art, etc. in place of monetary payment! Message me for more info

(pricing based on length of reading)

Size: XS
Details: 22.22
Quantity: 10

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