Bath Soak - Energetic Cleansing

Cleansing – Not just an act. But a way of life.

Cleansing your aura helps you reset your mind, kick negative energies to the curb, and gain a bright shiny new perspective allowing you to focus on and enjoy your own energy (not everyone else’s).

If you smudge your home, picture an energetic cleansing bath as a “smudging for your aura” -- everything feels so much more fresh, light, and airy when you’ve taken an energetic cleansing bath.

Each bath soak is made to order.

Please contact me if you have an allergies to oils/herbs.

Each soak comes in a 16 oz mason jar. A muslin bag will be provide to be used as a 'tea bag.'

Details: 1.0
Quantity: 5

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