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Sage Wands


Receiving a Goddess Sage Wand is not just getting a Smudge Stick. You can get those anywhere. Goddess Sage Wands are custom detailed to match the owner and their intentions. No detail is left out ... Smudge can be customized by flower, herbs, hemp string color, size, quantity, dried or fresh. We consult together finding out important correspondence like Zodiac Chakra Favorite colors emotional state intentions for burning desired outcome and whatever spirit draws out. Even the boxes, tissue paper candles crystals and extra free goodies are picked to match the impression I received of the owners character. This is a whole experience to be had. Allow me to create for your desires✨Prices range based off your request!

Tips & Directions:
You want the Wand to feel and sound crispy when firmly squeezing. If is is still soft or does not crunch under pressure it may need to hang for another week.
✨ NEVER leave the wand in the plastic unless it is COMPLETELY DRY
The longer the wand hangs to dry the better.
️Keep your Goddess Wand away from moisture or it will mold. Steer away from condensation from windows.
Steer away from condensation from windows.
Hang your Precious Wand in a dry airy place, near an air vent or doorway is ideal but anywhere it can get a dry breeze. This will also increase the lovely aromas the Wand emits while drying. ✨Hang near your bed to connect and Bond subconsciously while you dream.
While your Goddess Wand is drying bless it, speak your intentions over it... Everytime you walk past it talk to it...thank it for being and for all the positivity it will bring in advance. This Bonds you with your sacred tool for even more productivity to match your Intentions ✨

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